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Our experience and specialization

Mobile marketing

Having access to a mobile phone is common for most people, and it offers an opportunity to engage customers directly. 

The readership rate of SMS and messages from chat applications like WhatsApp or Viber exceeds 95%, which is significantly higher than email readership, which is only about 15%.

Transactional, notification, or marketing SMS can be sent to phone numbers from your database quickly, inexpensively, and in a personalized manner. This method is an ideal solution for one-way or two-way communication in different types of relationships, such as shop-customer, school-parent, school-pupil, doctor-patient, or community-citizen.


SMS and mobile payments

Premium SMS services with premium tariffs are an excellent option for SMS promotions, contests, polls, chat & dating, and other SMS marketing initiatives.

SMS micropayments of up to EUR 30 are a universal payment method, in addition to cash, that everyone with a mobile phone can use since every mobile phone supports sending and receiving SMS.

The significant benefits of SMS payments include speed, anonymity, availability, simplicity, and the ability to combine order and payment into a single step.

Working Cafe


Bring your audience into the studio.

Cloud software awarded in 2022 as the best technology solution for fan engagement.

Reactoo allows broadcasters to easily and real-time incorporate their viewers, fans, external contributors and experts into their live performances through the Reactoo Arena video wall.

Reactoo is also a leading company for watch together solution of various programs such as Watch Party through the Reactoo Studio.



Frambo Holidays and Tatra Suites are projects that brings together Tatra apartments to optimise operating costs and to maximise revenues. We offer comprehensive services to apartment owners, including marketing and management of apartments, revenue management, sales of stays, cleaning and maintenance, and additional concierge services.

For companies, we provide a conference premises that can welcome up to 16 people right in the High Tatras, perfect for organizing events, training sessions, or team-building activities.

For privates and families, we organize smaller celebrations combined with accommodation and a private spa.


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